Sakura Spa Thailand


  • It is another popular choice.
  • that feels incredibly relaxed
  • Hot oil Massage is good for muscles and joints, relieves stress. and stimulates better blood flow
  • เป็นการนวดที่ซึมสู่เข้าผิว
  • ช่วยให้เซลผิวชุ่มชื่นขึ้น
  • ป้องกันการเกิดริ้วรอย
  • ทำให้ผิวบลับมาแข็งแรง
Sport Massage The deep level uses a variety of techniques. Increase flexibility of muscles and joints reduce the chance of fibrosis muscle area and help muscle injuries heal faster

Standard treatment: clear skin aura. The secret formula especially only at Sakura spa with the pure herbal cream.

Every day, the skin is damaged to sunlight, dust, polluted environment that makes the skin become dirty, scurf, dull skin, acne on the area of ​​the body skin. This treatment can help to restore the skin to be radiant, smoother and brightening