Body Treatments


For more beautiful and youthful skin. This Treatment helps shed old skin cells, and stimulate new skin cells and blood circulation.
Lightens and moisturizes skin. Uses creams and oils that contain all natural ingredients.

Our body scrub treatment is full featured and tailored to customer prefer- ence. Recommended by professional masseuses world wide.
Gently eliminates dead skin cells. De- pending on the customer’s skin type we use a cream or oil scrub for unique results accommodating every skin type.

Body Scrub Treatment

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Hot oil massage is a warm massage. It is a popular choice among customers and feels relaxing. Hot oil Massage is good for muscles and joints, relieves stress and stimulating better blood flow.

Sport massage Is very different from other massages and is suitable for athletes. Focusing on deep parts of the muscle, helping the sore or injured muscle recover faster.

นวดศรีษะแบบอินเดีย Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage also helps those with office syndrome, relieving neck pain, shoulder pain and chronic pain around the eye area. We use only 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil for this massage program.